Funeral Planning Checklist

If you are planning your own funeral or the funeral of a relative or loved one who has died without discussion or planning arrangements then you may find the checklist below a helpful starting point.

  • Select funeral director You can find Funeral Directors in your area here
  • Complete will or check will for pertinent funeral preferences
  • Choose location for burial or cremation
  • Choose coffin or urn
  • Choose headstone or marker
  • Choose burial clothing
  • Choose flowers
  • Choose church or place for funeral service
  • Contact religious official if you wish to have a religious service
  • Choose method of transportation
  • Decide on service including any music or hymns
  • Write up a card with details of the service with spaces for day/time to be inserted
  • Write up list of those you wish to be invited to attend including address and phone number
  • Decide on readings (if any) and who you would like to read
  • Prepare an obituary and decide papers in which you want it to appear
  • Organise after funeral arrangements (known as a wake)
  • Arrange where out of town visitors will stay
  • Decide who will deal with sympathy calls and messages and who will speak to family and friends
  • Calculate the cost of the funeral and how you will pay with this funeral expense calculator.

Download this checklist in printable PDF format.

Funeral directors are well versed in what happens after someone dies and they can be a valuable source of support and information if you are planning a funeral.