Finding New Interests

As you start to move on you may feel it is time to develop new interests. This can be important as an experience that you did not share with your loved one is more about the single you than the bereaved you.

There are many opportunities and choices. Here are a few hints and tips on finding new interests which suit you and your budget.

  • The right interest or hobby for you will be one that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality. Do you find yourself watching the same types of TV programmes – DIY, gardening, sport, quizzes? This may indicate what interests you.
  • When looking at new interests and your lifestyle you need to know if they will fit in. How much time do they take up? How much will it cost? Does it involve travel or special equipment? Is it indoors or outdoors? Is it a hobby to do alone or with others?
  • Research your new interest. Your local library and the internet will be valuable sources of information. They can also point you in the direction of organisations associated with certain interests.
  • Lots of hobbies and organisations have taster days to give you a chance to go along and see if it is for you.
  • You can use the internet to find other people who share your interests. Don't give up on a new interest if you hit a stumbling block or find it too much at first. Give yourself time and then give it another try.
  • Talk to friends or work colleagues to see what they do in their spare time, it could be that they have a hobby you never knew about and they can take you along.
  • You may want to consider re-educating yourself. Many colleges and universities offer taster days for courses and qualifications. Contact your local college or university to see what they have on offer. It could be anything from an evening course to a full blown degree.
  • You might be in the job market for the first time or want to completely re-invent your career. Start with a good look at your CV. You can find information on finding a job here.
  • If you have been involved with charities or organisations before the bereavement you may want to give something back through fundraising or volunteering. As someone who may have helped a person through an illness before death you have a set of invaluable skills that may be of use to support others. This can be incredibly rewarding and also help you come to terms with your own loss.

If you want some ideas and suggestions on finding new interests then visit our forum.