Holidays after Bereavement

If you have become a single person or single parent family due to bereavement then the thought of ever going on holiday again may fill you with dread. You can’t imagine coping alone on holiday, not having your loved one to share the experience with or having to explain why you are there alone. Even booking a holiday can cause feelings of grief and loss to resurface.

However, there are now numerous organisations that specialise in holidays for single people and single parent families.

Mango - Group holidays for single parent families

Small Families - Single parent family holidays

Companions2Travel - Community of single travellers

Solos Holidays - For unattached single travellers

On a practical level how do you cope with that first holiday alone?

  • Don't imagine it is going to be an awful disaster before you go. Take each day and feeling as it comes and you might be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.
  • Think about the kind of holiday you want and the budget you have. Returning to a place where you had many family holidays can be comforting for some but soul destroying for others.
  • If friends and family offer to come with you then seriously consider accepting. It can give you the break, distraction and support you need.
  • Plan to have fun. Whatever you find stress busting and enjoyable then plan to do it.
  • Don't expect a holiday to fix how you feel. You still have to deal with your emotions – if you are still in the early stages of grieving then see it as respite. If you are later on in the process then see it as a first step to moving on with your life.