Legal Advice

After a death has occurred there are often legal and financial issues to be dealt with. Probate is the winding up of affairs after death and the official approval of the validity of a will. This can be hard to deal with when you are distressed and you may feel overwhelmed by having to deal with legal issues that you do not fully understand.

There is help and support to guide you through. This section will provide you with information on the role of an executor, inheritance tax and probate issues.

If you have a complicated probate situation to deal with after a death, we recommend that you get professional legal advice from solicitors in your region. A good solicitor will be able to guide you through the legal aspects relating to death in a supportive and practical way.

Most people are nervous about contacting solicitors because they fear the costs involved. It usually helps to choose a solicitor who is local to you so you can resolve any issues quickly and face to face. Contact Law provide a free initial consultation and will give you indicative costs before proceeding.