How to Send your Condolences

Replies to Condolences

After someone has died it is quite common to receive letters and notes of condolence. You don’t have to reply to these unless you wish to do so but you may choose to use the opportunity as a way of expressing your own feelings and thanking people for their support.

You may not be ready to reply for sometime after you have received the letters and this is perfectly acceptable - people do not expect a reply. There really isn’t any etiquette when it comes to replies to condolences and you should do what feels right to you.

You can write anything from a personal letter to a short thank you card. People often place a thank you in the local paper in response to cards, flowers and thoughtful letters and calls. If you contact your local paper they can advise you of the cost of placing such an advert.

A reply to a condolence should be like the condolence itself, from the heart. It is the perfect place to express how much you value the support and help you have received. You can also mention how personal tales have helped you get through grieving and how any practical tips have helped on a day to day basis.

Writing your feelings down in a letter can also be a useful first step in re-establishing your life, it can be a way to reconnect with people and suggest meeting up.

If you need further hints on replying to condolences you can find help at Letter Expert. If you go to our forum you can also find help and support from people who are going through the same emotions you are experiencing.