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Here are the answers to the top 10 questions we get asked:

  • What is redundancy? I have been told I am being made redundant but I think they just want to get rid of me. What is the difference between redundancy and dismissal?

    You can be dismissed for a variety of reasons, one of which is redundancy. Others include misconduct and incompetence. Redundancy is where an employee is dismissed because the employer closes down the business, or the employer closes down the employee's workplace, or there is a diminishing need for employees to do work of a particular kind.

    Follow these links to learn more about the differences between redundancy and dismissal


  • My company is 'downsizing' and I am going to lose my job. What are my legal entitlements?

    That very much depends on your situation. If your employer is going to dismiss you 'fairly' with the reason being redundancy, your company must adopt a fair procedure.

    They must clearly identify those people who are going to be made redundant and the reasons for their selection. They must carry out individual and collective consultation and assess whether alternative positions exist within the business.

    To find out more about your legal entitlement go Your Rights - Redundancy or to the DTI website


  • I don't seem to be getting much of a pay off considering I am going to be made redundant. What are my financial entitlements?

    The amount of lump sum you are entitled to depends on how long you have been continuously employed by your employer and how your years of service relate to a particular age band and your weekly pay.

    To find out how much you are financially entitled to, use the DirectGov ready reckoner.


  • I'm going to be made redundant - can I take time off to look for a new job?

    Yes, you can. An employee who is being made redundant is entitled to take reasonable time off with pay to look for another job. You must have had at least two years' continuous service to take the time off while under notice.


  • I've just been dismissed - help!

    You need to know your rights. If you think you have been dismissed unfairly then go to Your Rights - Dismissal. You can also go to our forum for support from other people who have experienced what you are going through.


  • I haven't had to apply for a job for a long time. How do I write a great CV/covering letter?

    Follow these links for hints and tips on writing a good CV and a good letter. There are also example CVs and letters which you can use to help secure your next job

    If you want to find further examples of CVs and letters then the internet is a good place to start - try sites such as Your local job centre will also have helpful information on preparing job applications.


  • It's been a while since I lost my job and I'm finding it hard to keep trying to find a new one. How do I stay motivated?

    Keeping motivated when you have lost your day to day routine can be really hard. If you want hints and tips to stay positive and move forward then go to our section on Living Without Work. Remember, you are not alone. You can also go to our forum and chat to other people who are in the same position as you.


  • Where can I find good legal advice without it costing a fortune?

    If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed then you should certainly consult a solicitor. Most solicitors will give initial advice for free and tell you whether you have a valid case and what the costs are likely to be before they proceed. If your company is offering you a compromise agreement then they will contribute to the cost of your solicitor. You can find a local solicitor here