Financial Advice

The first thing that most people think when they are made redundant or dismissed is how am I going to cope financially? The prospect of weeks or months without a pay cheque can be terrifying. Your immediate goal is to survive financially as well as emotionally. You may have little or no savings, with children to support and a hefty mortgage to cope with. However, you do have the power to stay in control of your financial situation.

Most families muddle along quite happily not particularly focussing on every penny going into and coming out of the bank account. This is the time to really look at what you are spending. Decide where you can sensibly and comfortably make adjustments while you get through this period. Use these tips to help you save money.

If you do have a household budget, now is the time to re-examine your priorities and tighten your control. If you don't have one, now is the time to start. Here is a budget planner to get you started. You have to take an honest look at your finances and those of your family so you can put in place tactics for financial survival.

Follow this link if you think you need more advice on debts & loans. You may also find it useful to seek professional financial advice.

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