Finding Work

There is life after losing your job and for most people their focus is on finding another role as soon as possible. If you haven't looked for a job for a number of years you could be a little rusty about the steps to follow. You need to approach a job hunt with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can draw on.

If you have carried out a SWOT analysis you will be able to see where your strengths and skills lie. This is also a fantastic opportunity for reflection - what did you like about your job, what didn't you like? Is it time for a total career change? If you have not already done so, you should create an action plan to guide you.

The first step is to get together a CV which really sells you. Rewrite and revise it until it is the one on the pile that will really stand out. Go here for hints on CV writing. Make sure you keep a record of every job you apply for, what the job was, who you applied to and what their response was. Seek feedback at every opportunity.

If you find yourself wondering whether you might benefit from considering a different approach, role or type of work and would like some help to focus, it is probably worth consulting a career coach. You can find more information about how career coaches work here.

Try and maintain a positive approach when applying for jobs, you have been through a difficult time but prospective employers want to know you are moving forward. Even if you are over 50 don't feel daunted, there is specialist help available for you. Try which provides job seeking advice for the over 50's.

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