Is your Job Safe?

Redundancy or dismissal can affect any of us, whatever the stage of our career, position in the company or experience. You may have worked for a company for years, giving your all, content in your role. Each year your review comes around and you believe the boss is happy with your work. You like your colleagues, you feel stretched as a person and put real effort into the company. Then one day you get called into the office and told you are no longer needed.

There can be many reasons why people are made redundant; the company may be struggling, on the verge of closing or bankruptcy. It may be that there is no longer a need for your role within the present or future of the company. It could even be that you have achieved so much in that role that you have effectively made yourself redundant.

What most people don’t realise is that there are signs and signals both at work and at home that may indicate a looming termination or redundancy. If you are aware of these signs and signals you can take steps to prepare for or avoid losing your job through dismissal or redundancy.

So what are the signs at work and at home?