Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

The internet is an excellent tool for searching for a new job and as a result many companies have moved their recruitment advertising online. A vast number of job sites are available online and these allow you to do a comprehensive search in a specific region or for a specific industry sector.

If you are looking for a job then take a look at our job pages. We have put together a selection of sites which we think are useful and these can help you find a job vacancy in many different fields. You can also look in our forum for support from other job hunters.

At transitional points in our lives such as job loss it is often good to take stock, to consider whether the work we were doing previously was right for us and to have an in-depth think about alternative options before rushing straight back into familiar territory.

If you find yourself wondering whether you might benefit from considering a different approach, role or type of work and would like some help to focus, it is probably worth consulting a career coach.

Career coaching is future faced and action orientated. It focuses on auditing strengths, aligning values and visioning ideal work. A career coach concentrates on identifying both positive and negative patterns of your attitude to work and helping you to recognise where your strengths lie.

You can find more information about how career coaches work here.