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An assets and liabilities form makes sorting out a deceased person's finances easier for their loved ones. Creating one ahead of time will ensure that your friends and family know how to access all of your information, should they ever need to, and you can find peace knowing that everyone will be taken care of in the event that you cannot help them. Here you’ll find additional information on assets and liabilities form assistance as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

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Assets & Liabilities Form

Assets & Liabilities Form

Assets & Liabilities Form | Dividing the Estate & Will

Sorting out finances is often one of the most difficult aspects to deal with after a death. Many people carry round their financial information in their head, their paper records may not be well organised and may even be hidden for security. Families and friends are frequently left to deal with messy financial situations complicated by the lack of a will or any information about the deceased’s assets (the things you own, such as property) or liabilities (the things you owe, such as credit card debts).

It is relatively easy to take steps to make the financial situation clear after death by completing an assets and liabilities form. It is useful to complete the form with the help of a friend or partner. On this form it should be made clear where to find the paperwork relating to all assets and liabilities including any passwords for accounts. It is useful to pass a copy of this form to your bank or solicitor for safekeeping and it should be regularly updated.

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