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Relate Marriage Guidance
0121 643 1638
111 Bishopsgate Street
Willow Counselling Service
0121-707 6797
87 Warwick Rd
1-2-1 Private Counselling
07790 600428
Maney Hill Rd
Sutton Coldfield
ACA Counselling
07989 932385
Pottery Rd
Citizens Advice Bureau
01384 816222
69 Market St
Marriage Care
0121 708 1900
37 Victoria Road
D M A Counselling
07814 124672
48 Bonner Dr
Sutton Coldfield
Banners Gate Counselling Centre
0121-354 6544
198 Boldmere Rd
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham Counselling Centre
0121-429 1758
Pottery House/127 Pottery Rd
Ambit Counselling
07596 745890
103 Worcester St

Advice on harmonising habits

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Irritating Habits

  • Harmonising Habits

Harmonising Habits

Here are some simple hints and tips to harmonising habits in your partnership:

  • Tackle the real issue. If you are feeling ignored then talk about that, not the fact that they don't pick up their clothes.
  • Talk about the problem in a calm and reasonable way. Shouting and screaming won't achieve much, except alienating your partner.
  • Deal with one problem at a time. If there are several annoying habits they won't all change overnight.
  • Give and take. Make sure it is not one-sided; you will probably have some habits which irritate your partner. Resolve to change as well.
  • You can both make a change. You don't have to be late or messy - these are things that are easy to change and can smooth your relationship. If you are the one with the annoying habit find out what really irritates your partner and make an effort to change.
  • Notice and Praise. If your partner is obviously making an effort to reduce their irritating habit - praise, praise, praise them!
  • Relapses. If the habit resurfaces then calmly discuss why the changes haven't been sustained - explain why it makes you so annoyed.
  • Compromise. If someone has lived alone for a long time or has always done things in a particular way it may be hard for them to change. Take this into account and don't let the little things destroy an otherwise healthy relationship.
  • Obsessions. If you are or your partner are overly obsessive about specific behaviours there may be deep seated emotional issues to address and you may need professional counselling to keep things in perspective. The following sites will give you more information and help you determine whether there is a real problem: Sane , BUPA .

Most problems in relationships boil down to a lack of communication . By establishing a helpful and calm dialogue you can begin to change things.

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