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Marriage Care
01270 879911
Eaton House/Eaton St
Marriage Carriage
01782 259390
3 Ethel Ter
Rowley Sandy
07905 502960
Cotes Field Mews
Anderson R
01625 616247
14 Brampton Av
1 To 1 Counselling
01928 718044
Marriage Care
01782 543300
51 Abbey La
Wilson Llynwen
01260 227302
Clough Head /Swythamley
Bracegirdle Richard
01625 618304
47 Barton St
Citizens Advice Bureau
01625 426303
Sunderland Ho/Sunderland St
Runcorn Family Advice Service
01928 581459
Fernhurst, Halton Brook

Infertility Support

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  • Infertility Support

Infertility Support

Deep in the despair of infertility it can be easy to forget you have other things in your life. These can be the things that keep you going through the tough times, such as keeping up hobbies and normal activities. If you do manage to have a baby then you may not be able to do the things you do now, so take advantage and get involved in things you have always wanted to experience.

This is something you go through together, not alone. You have to put time aside to talk as a couple about what is happening and how you feel about it.

It is important that you remain intimate and physical with each other, closeness is really important when you are in an emotionally tough period. Sex can become very baby making focussed and you can loose intimacy to the detriment of your relationship. Make sure you preserve the gentleness and exciting aspects of sex as well as sex for baby making. It is well documented that stress contributes to infertility and the more relaxed you are during love making the better.

As hard as it may be, every so often stop on the baby making machine and just look after each other and your relationship. Remove the pressure, take a holiday or just make a conscious decision to have a month or two off. Re-establishing the underlying strength of your relationship is vital for your partnership to survive.

If you need more help or advice on infertility you can find information here:

  • British Infertiilty Counselling Association
  • Care Fertility
  • Infertility Network

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