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Finding a job is sometimes a long and confusing process and employment agencies can help job seekers connect with employers who need someone with their specific skills and knowledge base. Here you’ll find additional information on employment agencies and services as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Stafforce Recruitment
+44 (0) 1709 377177
Percy Street
Cip Recruitment
+44 (0) 1709 720924
3 Moorgate Road
+44 (0) 1709 365719
College Walk
Army Navy & RAF Careers
+44 (0) 114 272 0103
1A Church Street
+44 (0) 114 279 7799
33-35 Arundel Gate
Work For All
+44 (0) 1709 365777
17 Ship Hill
Industrial Personnel
+44 (0) 1709 821811
40400 Doncaster Gate
+44 (0) 1709 372900
14 Ship Hill
+44 (0) 114 272 8845
23-25 Church Street
Hays Personnel
+44 (0) 114 280 8097
101 Norfolk Street
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Finding Work

Finding Work

Finding Work

There is life after losing your job and for most people their focus is on finding another role as soon as possible. If you haven't looked for a job for a number of years you could be a little rusty about the steps to follow. You need to approach a job hunt with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can draw on.

If you have carried out a SWOT analysis you will be able to see where your strengths and skills lie. This is also a fantastic opportunity for reflection - what did you like about your job, what didn't you like? Is it time for a total career change? If you have not already done so, you should create an action plan to guide you.

The first step is to get together a CV which really sells you. Rewrite and revise it until it is the one on the pile that will really stand out. Go here for hints on CV writing . Make sure you keep a record of every job you apply for, what the job was, who you applied to and what their response was. Seek feedback at every opportunity.

If you find yourself wondering whether you might benefit from considering a different approach, role or type of work and would like some help to focus, it is probably worth consulting a career coach. You can find more information about how career coaches work here and find career coaches in your region in our Finding Local Help section

Try and maintain a positive approach when applying for jobs, you have been through a difficult time but prospective employers want to know you are moving forward. Even if you are over 50 don't feel daunted, there is specialist help available for you. Try www.laterlife.com which provides job seeking advice for the over 50's.

Connect with 100's of Recruiters in Minutes .

As you know, increasing your exposure while looking for your next great job can only be a positive thing. The more recruiters that know you're looking to make a career move, the more interviews you'll be invited to.

That's why we recommend the services of CVtrumpet . CVtrumpet is the UK's No.1 CV sending service. For over 5 years CVtrumpet has built an extensive recruiter network across the UK. You can now tap into CVtrumpet's recruiter network quickly and easily.

In just 3 minutes, you can reach around 100's of targeted recruiters. You target recruiters based on your job level, your industry/sector (over 80), function (over 100), salary and region. CVtrumpet then sends your CV for you to all targeted recruiters, saving you lots of time and effort.

Click here now to send your CV to multiple, targeted recruiters in minutes, rather than months.

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Job Seeking in Employment

Job Seeking in Employment

In general, the world of employment isn't the stable environment it was 40 years ago. Nearly everyone has to accept the possibility of job loss - jobs for life seem to be long gone. So what can you do to keep ahead of the game?

  • If you are concerned about your future employment and have decided you want to leave your current employer you will need to make applications and go to interviews. You need to maintain your image as a loyal employee so you don't lose your job before you are ready. Attempt to reduce the impact on your current employer while attending interviews.
  • Keep job applications at home - if you want to keep your preparations quiet leaving an application on your desk or on the photocopier isn't a great signal to send. Prepare paperwork at home and don’t use company resources to find another job.
  • If you are speaking to prospective employers, recruiters or head-hunters explain you are currently employed and ask them to contact you in the evenings or on your mobile phone.
  • What you choose to tell your current employer is up to you. You can be totally honest but you may be jeopardising your current job and future prospects if you end up staying. If you have enough warning of interviews, book a day's holiday.
  • If the prospective new job is located near your current job you could disappear for a short while. Make sure you have a well thought out reason for the absence, taking 2 hours to get a sandwich doesn't really cut it. It is important that your prospective employers/recruiters exercise their discretion, especially if you work in an insular market sector.
  • Networking is another effective option when looking for a new role. Reported figures suggest a third of jobs aren't advertised. You are surrounded by people who work in your industry so keep your contacts alive, make discrete enquiries and develop a contact list of people you can approach if you want to make a change.

Keeping your ear to the ground and eyes open means you have options. You don't have to take a job if you are offered it, but it does mean you keep your CV up to date and your interview skills polished and professional.

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