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Marriage 24 Ltd
0800-840 2065
8 Shepherd Market
Walthamstow Counselling & Psychotherapy
0208 520 1714
Edward Road
Citizen Advice Bureau
01322 224686
Trinity Resource Cntr High St
Profesional Councilling Services
020 8398 5562
Meadowbrook/Lower Green Rd
Citizens Advice Bureau
01784 444220
Community Link/Knowle Green
Marriage Care
020 7792 2199
46 Notting Hill Gate
Jewish Marriage Council
020 8203 6311
23 Ravenshurst Avenue
01322 275691
Hubert Ho, Temple Hl
01372 722976
92b High St
St Albans Counselling Centre
01727 856693
1 College Yard/Lower Dagnall St
St Albans

Common Relationship & Marriage Problems

Common Relationship Problems

Common Problems

Relationships are constantly changing; they may include perfect moments but in a sustained relationship there are many highs, lows and lengthy plateaus. Even in strong partnerships there will be times when changes happen and you may hit rockier patches.

Relationship problems can be trigged by a multitude of issues. Sometimes major life events such as job loss or illness can cause significant personal and relationship stress which tests the partnership to breaking point.

Some relationships labour under the pressure of one partner suffering an addiction or substance abuse problem. Often sexual issues can create tension and due to the nature of the subject matter some people are reluctant to talk things through, leading to a breakdown in communication. Many relationships continue to function, albeit imperfectly, through infidelity or physical abuse .

The stress of managing money or children can slowly affect the health of a relationship; when you are too busy dealing with the pressures of everyday life it is sometimes easier to simply ignore the effects on your relationship.

If you think your relationship is in trouble then you are probably right. However, many issues and problems can be resolved and they don't have to mean separation or divorce. If you still have a connection, have been together for a long time or you have children, you may want to try and salvage a relationship rather than walk away.

Whatever is concerning you, the first step is to acknowledge the problem exists and then to understand the root cause of the problem before finding the tools, support and guidance to help you to cope and move forward positively.

Whatever your problem someone else has faced it as well. The following sections draw upon the advice and experience of people who have survived and sustained their relationships through significant crises.

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