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Infertility threatens the dreams of many potential parents, but with all the specialists and services in this area it no longer has to. Here you’ll find additional information on infertility resources as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Dr R M Jenkins Partners
01527 872008, 01527
Davenal House, 28 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove
Ledbury Market Surgery
01531 632423
Market Street, Ledbury
Dr N P Doherty Partners
08444 773803
Winyates Health Centre, Winyates, Redditch
Dr Bloch Partners
01386 863651
Barn Close Surgery, 38-40 High Street, Broadway
Dr Sillince DN Partners
01531 820689
The Holts Health Centre, Watery Lane, Newent
Dr W G H Dowley Partners
08444 772419
New Road Surgery, 46 New Road, Bromsgrove
Dr O P Jack Partner
01527 872426
Catshill Village Surgery, 36 Woodrow Lane, Catshill
St Katherine's Surgery
01531 633271
Market Street, Ledbury
Dr J N H Cheetham Partners
0844 5560011
New Road Surgery, 104-106 New Road, Rubery
Withymoor Surgery (training practice)
0845 147 0012
AW Surgeries, Squires Court, Brierley Hill
West Midlands
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Infertility Advice



Becoming pregnant and having children is a natural event. Many people are therefore shocked when they start trying for a baby yet don't immediately conceive. About 1 in 6 of all couples seek help because they have difficulty in conceiving. This number may seem incredibly high but getting pregnant isn't quite as easy as we perceive it to be. Infertility is so commonplace that 10th June is now marked as National Infertility Day.

For people who have normal fertility you have about a 33% chance of getting pregnant in any one month. About 10% of couples with normal fertility take more than a year to conceive.

Childlessness and continual attempts to have children can place a huge emotional and physical strain on a couple and relationships can breakdown as the increasing pressure becomes unbearable.

Infertility affects both people in a relationship, regardless of who may have the physical problem. You will cope in different ways and if you are the one who has the fertility problem you will respond differently to your partner. Accept that your partner has their own coping mechanisms and don't expect them to cry or get angry just because you do. It is vital that you can support the other partner when they express how they feel - whether that be depression, frustration or anger.

Even if your relationship is open and strong and you are able to discuss your feelings and support each other, infertility will have an impact on your relationship; you may still need help to ensure that your relationship survives. There is more support and information in the following section including details of support groups where you can find assistance outside of your relationship or as a couple.

Follow this link for more advice on infertility from the Centre for Reproductive Medicine. There is also help to be found at the Infertility Network .

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