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In counselling and psychotherapy, patients form a relationship with a counsellor and use talk therapy (and sometimes other forms of communication, like music, writing or artwork) to foster a sense of well-being and find ways to cope with life issues. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Lancashire Care Nhs Trust
01253 753116
26 Derby Road
Child Adolescent Mental Health Services
01772 644644
Shawbrook House
Crisis Point
0161 8395030
7 Rochdale Road
Column House
01253 596369
40 Carlin Gate
West Lancashire Primary Care Trust
01695 727532
Tanhouse Road
Unicorn Road Day Centre
0151 5492260
Unicorn Road
0151 2865478
214A County Road
Talking Matters Association
0161 7400321
Manchester Jewish Community Centre Room 6
Moving On
0161 2266620
St. Wilfrids Enterprise Centre
Creative Support
01942 736307
Coops Business Centre
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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Job Loss Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counsellors and psychotherapists tend to work with you face to face, through discussion, to explore your personal issues and problems in depth. The focus is on working towards an increase in your understanding and to help you to develop greater self-awareness.

  • Counselling aims to lead you to make your own decisions and then act to make changes in your life. Counsellors normally meet with you regularly and over a period of time dependent upon the issues raised.
  • Counselling is more regulated than coaching. Counsellors should have attained counselling qualifications before offering their services. There are codes of conduct for counsellors and clear guidelines available.
  • Psychotherapy is provided by qualified practitioners through a professional relationship within which clients can profitably explore difficult, and often painful, emotions and experiences.
  • These may include feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, or perhaps the loss of meaning of one's life. It is a process which seeks to help the person to be more able to make choices, and become more autonomous and self determined.
  • Psychotherapy may be provided for individuals or children, couples, families and groups.
  • You can explore this area more thoroughly by going to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy . You can find job loss counsellors local to you in our regional tool .

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