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Divorce solicitors help many people through the difficult process of divorce, ensuring that they understand their rights and help to get them their fair share of assets, time with children and much more. Read through the following articles to learn more about divorce law solicitors and find local companies and providers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

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Dating Again

Dating Again

Dating Again

You are ready to move on to a new phase of your life and have started dating people. Many people find this a bit of a rocky ride and struggle to find the love and companionship they crave. Meeting people can be a struggle so try an online dating website. Newton Mearns Dating has thousands of people looking for romance and friendship - registration is free.

'On the re-bound' is a common expression to describe new relationships after the breakdown of a significant and long term relationship. Many of these tend to flounder because one partner is not ready to move on. These new relationships commonly fall apart because of jealously and loneliness, which are normal emotions after a break-up. You should ideally give yourself time to get over past relationships before you get into another involved relationship.

After leaving a relationship, there may be a gap in our lives that can be hard to fill. The temptation is to jump right into another relationship to fill the gap that was left by the ex-partner. You feel at ease with the fact you have someone to go the pub or movies with and it seems easier than doing it as a single person, especially if all your friends are in couples. Unfortunately, these are superficial reasons and not necessarily a basis on which to found a great and solid relationship.

Jealously also often prompts us to jump into unsuitable relationships. We see our ex or friends in a relationship and want to prove we have moved on and can do the same thing.

If your feelings for another person aren't based on attraction , love and mutual interests then the relationship is likely to be temporary. It reflects a lack of respect for yourself and the person you are choosing to be with; you don't respect yourself well enough to wait for the right person and you don't respect the other person enough to be honest with them.

Many people who repeatedly fall into relationships of convenience notice a pattern of relief at being in a relationship, boredom and then break-up. In the long term this can lead to feelings of repeated failure and lowering of confidence .

Once you have been involved in a partnership you inevitably come to your next relationship with baggage and it is likely it will have an effect on your new relationship. People often worry about issues such as previous sexual experience and disclosing that to your new partner. It may be worth considering your response to any questions and how much information you wish to reveal about your previous relationship in advance. There are no right or wrong answers, but if you are unsure whether or how much to tell your partner then you can find advice and support from others in our forum .

Some people manage to maintain long lasting relationships. Others have a succession of shorter relationships which regularly breakdown. If you seem to have difficulty sustaining a relationship it...

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Divorce Law Solicitors & Lawyers

Divorce Law Solicitors

It may be tempting to try to go for a quick online divorce in the hope that this will save you time and money. If, however if the answer to any of these questions is yes, it will almost certainly save you time, money and be better for your long-term security to consult an expert in family or divorce law.

  • Is your divorce likely to be acrimonious?
  • Are any children involved?
  • Is any property involved?
  • Is significant money involved?
  • Does one of you work and one not?
  • Are any pensions involved?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions before even thinking about starting divorce proceedings you should talk to a specialist divorce law solicitor. It is important you are fully aware of the procedures and your rights.

Our Finding Local Help section gives you information on local specialist divorce and family law solicitors who will be able to advise you on your specific case.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law is a completely different approach to divorce and a process which could revolutionise the way in which divorces are settled. It is now supported by a formal association to encourage and promote its practise and only lawyers who have undergone specialist training can practise Collaborative Family Law.

Instead of the solicitors writing to one another or court actions being raised, the couple with their respective collaborative family lawyers have a series of round table meetings to try and find a way forward that suits the couple. It provides a degree of flexibility in relation to both outcomes and how to find those outcomes that the court simply can't offer.

It's not necessarily an easy process - anyone who has been through a relationship break-up will know that there is no pain-free way of resolving matters - but sometimes those who go through this process find it a more positive experience than those who go through the more traditional court-based system.

Collaborative family law can demand a lot of courage on the part of the couple. It's not easy to meet with your spouse and to talk about the issues that caused so much stress in the relationship. But the alternative is to hand over complete control of the outcome to a judge who knows nothing about you or your family.

So how is this different from a conventional divorce with experienced solicitors?

Where collaborative family law is different is that at the outset the couple and their collaborative lawyers commit in a binding contract to behave in an honourable fashion and to make a full disclosure to each other of their financial position. All then have to commit not to raise court proceedings. If the process fails, the couple can raise court proceedings but not with the collaborative lawyers.

What this does is to lift the threat of litigation, which means that the whole dynamic shifts from trying to gain a tactical adva...

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Relationship & Marriage Legal Advice

Relationship Legal Advice & Divorce Solicitors

Legal Advice

The decision to divorce or to end a relationship is rarely taken lightly. It can be a time of great anguish, upset and shock, yet one in three first marriages ends in divorce, as do two in three second marriages.

You may have to go through a legal process as well as the emotional and personal process of dealing with the breakdown of your relationship. For many, there are also financial implications of separating and the effect it may have on any children involved.

At a time when you are emotionally vulnerable it can be very hard to get perspective on the situation and to make the best decisions. This is a time when you need support not only from friends and family but also from professionals if you are to walk away from the relationship in the best legal, financial and emotional state.

When a relationship ends you will almost certainly need legal advice from a family lawyer. If you are married then you may be seeking a divorce or need advice on residence of children from the relationship. Even if you aren't married you may have joint property or assets and need help to divide them between the parties involved.

As much as most people would like things to remain civil, many relationship breakdowns are fraught with tensions and communication issues. Divorce law advice may be needed to reach a suitable resolution for both parties. If you need legal advice on divorce , residence of children and maintenance then you can find local help here.

It may be that you want to attempt mediation or counselling to resolve issues without resorting to court procedures.

For those in a civil partnership you can also find information on dissolution of civil partnerships .

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