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Dr Drake LA and Partners
01270 275606
12 Sandbach Road South, Alsager
Dr Nuttall A M and Partners (training practice)
01625 423692
High Street Surgery, Waters Green Medical Centre, Macclesfield
Carnewater Practice - Bodmin (training practice)
01208 269988
Dennison Road, Bodmin
01788 561319
2A Lower Hillmorton Rd, Rugby
The Andover Health Centre Medical Practice (training practice)
0844 4772490
Charlton Road, Andover
Dr Talukder Partners - High Street Medical Practice
01606 544130
High Street Medical Practice, Dene Drive Primary Care Centre, Dene
Dr R Newhouse and Partners (training practice)
01625 529421
Handforth Health Centre, Wilmslow Road, Handforth
Asgarali Bandali Bhanji
020 8510 5555
Homerton Row Hackney
Dr GALLOWAY partners (training practice)
020 86693232
The Wrythe Green Surgery, Wrythe Lane, Nr Wrythe Green
Loxwood Surgery
01403 752246
The Loxwood Surgery, Farm Close, Loxwood
West Sussex
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Addressing substance abuse

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Addictive Behaviour

  • Addressing Substance Abuse

Addressing Substance Abuse

It is unlikely that you will be able to manage to help your partner or yourself to overcome a serious addiction without some professional help. Your first port of call should be your GP or a national and well respected agency specialising in self-help and support. There is literature and information to help you available from the organisations listed below.

If your partner has a serious problem they may be unable to recognise it and may be unwilling to seek help voluntarily. It sometimes takes the threat of the end of a relationship for the substance abuser or addicted party to seek help.

Different addictions and dependency on specific substances will produce different behaviours and symptoms and there are many organisations that offer specific help for the particular abuse in question. However, if you believe you are in physical danger then you should make attempts to remove yourself from the situation, this can be temporary and you can still support your partner through the recovery process.

The following specialist and well recognised organisations cover all areas of the UK and can offer advice and support networks to help you address your specific problems. People experiencing similar difficulties frequently post on our forum and will also offer further advice based on experience.


Alcoholics Anonymous . A self-help group run by recovering alcoholics for alcoholics. Helpline: 0845 769 7555

Al-Anon offers support for anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else's drinking problem. Includes a good section called Alateen for parents who are concerned about their teenagers. Tel: 020 7403 0888


Narcotics Anonymous . A self-help group run by recovering addicts for drug users with a network of meetings across the country: Helpline: 0845 373 3366

Families Anonymous (Famanon). Provides support for the relatives and friends of people with drug problems. Helpline: 0845 120 0660

The National Drugs Helpline . Free help and advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Excellent for younger people but also helpful for carers. Tel: 0800 776600


Gamblers Anonymous . For anyone who thinks they may have a gambling problem.

Gamanon. Support for anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else's gambling problem.

Eating Disorders

Beating Eating Disorders . Provides support and information on all aspects of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and related disorders.

If you need urgent help call The Samaritans 08457 909090.

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