Typical points that lead to arguments over bringing up toddlers include:

  • Approaches to discipline
  • Getting them to eat healthily
  • Potty training
  • Spending money on them
  • Babysitting and childcare
  • Allocation of chores
  • Keeping the house tidy

In the same way you dealt with baby issues you need to work together to agree a common way forward in raising your child. Here are a few toddler taming tips that may help:

  1. Discipline requires team work so your child doesn't get confused. Toddlers are very tuned into their parents and can see conflict between parents and play them off against each other. Manipulation can extend to a wide range of events including eating and bedtimes. Set firm boundaries as a couple and stick to them. Don't undermine each other in front of the children and discuss differences once the kids are tucked safely in bed.
  2. Potty training. Try to remain calm, be patient and consistent. Keep supplies of spare clothing and cleaning materials with you when you go out. It may take longer than you expect or you would like, but remember there are very few 5 year olds walking around in nappies.
  3. If one person is getting lumbered with all the childcare then that person has to speak up. Two people create a child so two people should be willing to care for that child. Come to an arrangement about personal time which suits both parties.
  4. Raising children is at least an 18 hour a day job. It starts well before 9am and goes on well after 5pm. Both partners need some personal time. Try to arrange it so that you work together to get your child ready and into bed at a time that leaves you some space in the evening. Remember you set the bedtime and the routine. It is important to stick to it.

You can find more tips at BBC Parenting.