Financial Agreement Plan

Now you have completed the audit you can see where the differences lie. It may be helpful to discuss and try to understand why you have those different values and attitudes.

Money issues can be resolved. A good way to reduce the conflict caused by money problems is to ensure that you and your partner reach agreement about what needs to be changed. One way to do this is to complete a Financial Agreement Plan.

  1. Look at your responses to the Financial Compatibility Audit and identify the areas in which you agree. List the ones which are most important for the success of your relationship and put these under the heading Areas of agreement.
  2. Look at the responses where you significantly disagree. Work through each of these and discuss as a couple which ones bother you and which ones you can live with - you need to be really honest at this stage. If you put certain things under the second heading Areas where you agree to differ you must not raise these points at a later date. This is why it is vital that you clearly identify those points which bother you.
  3. If it really matters to you for example that you pay your credit card off at the end of the month and that your partner doesn't then you must state this. This should then go under the last heading Areas where a change of behaviour is agreed. Once a point is under this heading then in order to avoid future conflict you must agree, as a couple, who is going to change, what the change of behaviour is going to be and more importantly, why this change has to happen.