Re-ignite your Sex Life

If your sex life is lacking in spice then it is up to you to put it back on track. Sex in long term relationships often suffers due to lack of effort, physical and emotional problems or just the day to day drag of life. Putting the zing back in your sex life does require effort but the results can be well worth the hard work!

Often the key to improving your sex life is to concentrate on intimacy and the sensual side of sex rather than the actual sex act. What we often crave is the closeness that sex brings rather than the act itself. But how do you rediscover the sensual side of your relationship?

  • Put some time aside to rediscover each other. This can be anything from locking yourself in the bedroom on a Sunday afternoon to making a proper 'date' once a month.
  • Don't have sex. Although this may sound the opposite of what you are trying to achieve it means you concentrate on other aspects of love making such as kissing and cuddling. Decide for one week not to have penetrative sex and concentrate on sensual activities such as massage.
  • Create the right atmosphere. Trying to be sexy when you have a pile of laundry to do can be hard, so forget it. Get in the bath, light some candles, pour some wine and invite your partner in. Create a sanctuary which is all about pleasure.
  • Ask your partner what they want. Whether that is a fantasy or just what time of day they would prefer to have sex. We sometimes forget to be thoughtful of the needs of our partner.
  • Look at your diet and exercise. Our own physical state has a lot to do with our level of desire and improving your body can have a direct effect on your sex life. You can also find joint hobbies such as joining a gym.
  • Remember the first flush of your relationship. You can have sex whenever and wherever you wish. Don't confine it to the bedroom, be naughty and have fun.
  • Consider the use of role play. Sex toys and erotic stories can add a new element to your sex life. Don't attempt anything too adventurous at first and ensure your partner feels comfortable with your new experimentation.

The amount of sex you have will depend on your relationship but having better sex can help to strengthen your relationship and improve intimacy.