Sexless Relationships

If one party wants sex while the other doesn't this can have disastrous long term effects and lead to infidelity and resentment. Try asking yourself these questions and then discuss them as a couple:

  • When was the last time we had sex?
  • Did I enjoy it?
  • Why don't we have sex anymore?
  • Do I want more sex?
  • Does a lack of sex bother me?
  • Can we still have an intimate and physical relationship without sex?

If you can honestly say that a lack of sex doesn't bother you as a couple, you communicate well and you still have a deep level of intimacy then there is no reason to see a lack of sex as a problem.

However, you must bear in mind that a lack of desire can be a transient phase and you should continue to review the situation regularly. If one party makes it clear they are not happy with the situation then you need to reach a compromise about how your relationship will work as you go forward. There are specialist sex therapists who deal with sexual issues in relationships