Re-Focusing on Work

The breakdown of a relationship can be the catalyst for other changes in your life. It is a time when many people take the opportunity to reflect on the future and some realise that their career path has been on hold because of their relationship.

If you haven't worked for some time - maybe you have been raising children, and your changed circumstances now mean you have to find or establish a career, then finding a new job can seem daunting.

Once you have given yourself time to recover from the break-up it may be worth considering whether your relationship held you back. Did you pass up job opportunities because of your partner? Now you are in the position where you have the time and space to think about what you want from your life and career. This could be the time to retrain or re-educate yourself in skills that could open a whole new set of doors.

If you have been stuck in an unfulfilling job then this is your chance to take hold of your career and guide it back to where you want it to be - maybe you always wanted to get more qualifications, travel through work or set up your own business.

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Tips for Getting Started

It may be helpful to devise a career action plan to get you started on finding the way to career fulfilment.

1.Sit down. Write out why you need this job - for money, for self esteem, to get out of the house.
2.Use a SWOT analysis. Look at your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You need to be really honest when you do this.
3.Define a list of jobs you would like. This can be as fanciful as you like, remember this is the planning stage and nothing is impossible.
4.Use a friend or family member.
Sit down and list your 10 best work attributes, think laterally, if you have been a home maker for 5 years that makes you a great organiser. If you have been in the same job for 10 years that makes you loyal and committed.
5.Now get real. Look at your SWOT, list of attributes and desired jobs and make real connections. Do you have the experience to get the kind of job you want? If you don't then maybe you need to consider retraining?
6.Take first steps. Look for jobs that fall within your areas of experience and interest.
7.Apply for a range of jobs. Even if they are not perfect they will provide you with good practice so you are ready when the perfect one for you comes along. You can search for jobs at Monster or Fish4Jobs.
8.Try voluntary work for a time - it often leads to paid work and can build your confidence. Check out Reach for volunteering opportunities.
9.Don't get downhearted. If you aren't immediately successful keep going! Finding the right job takes time.

If you need more help and advice on finding a job after a life change then go to our Newton Mearns Job Loss.