Emotional Support

The breakdown of a relationship is one of our most stressful life events. You lose your lover, your friend, your confidence and perhaps your sense of self and direction.

This is a time of extreme and mixed emotions made more complicated by stresses and worries about legal and financial considerations. People cope with their emotions in different ways, some people choose to ignore how they feel and carry on as if nothing has happened. Others find it cathartic to openly express how they feel.

You are likely to experience a series of emotional stages after the breakdown. You might feel angry, shocked, depressed or frustrated and fearful. It is important that you recognise these feelings as normal but try to stay positive as you take the first steps in moving on with your life. This section includes advice and information to help you address your fears , support your children and maintain your mental wellbeing.

Sometimes the support of friends and family can be enough to see us through this difficult period. Sometimes it helps to talk things through with someone less involved and trained in giving emotional support. Look here for further information on counselling and how to cope being alone.

It may be useful to discuss and receive advice and information from other people who have experienced relationship breakdown. You can chat with other people who are going through the same experience as you on our forum.