Impact on Children

How Can I Help My Child?

As a parent there is a great deal you can do to help your child through divorce or separation:

  • Don't hide what is happening from your child. Explain what is happening and clearly state your continued partnership as parents and that your child is still very much loved. You have to make it clear to children that they are not to blame in anyway.
  • Keep your feelings towards your ex partner away from the children - it is not helpful for them to hear you belittle their other parent.
  • Maintain routine and if possible, ensure continued and regular contact with both parents.
  • If you need help or support do not turn to your children. Use friends, family or professional help. Children are not equipped to support you emotionally or deal with adult problems.
  • Don't use children as a go between to find out information or pass messages. Do not make your children choose sides.
  • Let your children express how they feel. Don't expect them to respond in an adult or logical way.

If you can't cope with the reactions of your child or feel they are out of proportion then your GP is a good place to start. You can seek professional help from a counsellor and you can also find helpful information here: Parental separation and divorce