Moving Home

Moving home after a relationship breakdown can leave you with mixed feelings. You may find that you are forced to move home or you may choose to make a fresh start. Shelter can offer advice and information on your rights.

On the one hand the emotional and financial pressure of having to find a new home can be difficult to deal with. You may have well established roots in a local area where you can no longer afford to live. You may have had an emotional connection with the property you lived in and it is common to feel a sense of loss if you are forced out of a property.

Alternatively, you may feel utterly liberated at the thought of being able to choose where and how you live. If you have been in a relationship where your home has felt more like a prison then this could be a significant step in re-establishing your freedom and self esteem.

So how do you get through the moving process?

  • Don't make rash decisions. If you have just experienced a relationship breakdown don't immediately put yourself in the position of having to find a new home unless you have to. If you can, take time to make a decision about where you are going to live. Unfortunately, not all division of assets is amicable and it may take some time to finally resolve who joint properties will go to, if they need to be sold and how the proceeds will be divided.
  • Try to find friends or family to stay with. If you need to leave the property immediately you need to consider your financial status and future before jumping into a long term lease or purchase. Most people who have consulted a solicitor will have arrangements in place for their future accommodation, but if you do find yourself homeless then organisations such as Shelter and Homeless UK can can help.
  • Consider the impact of a move on children. Where do they need to live? Will they still be able to see the other parent? Children often have a much harder time adjusting to a move than an adult does.
  • If you have decided to make a fresh start then sit down and decide what you want from your future. Where do you want to live? Do you want to be near friends and family? Do you want to stay in the same area? Questions like this will help to clarify the decision making process.

Remember if you do decide to move it is YOUR place. You can decorate anyway you see fit and this can play an important part in re-establishing your sense of self.