Relationship Skills

Research shows that you have a higher chance of divorcing if your parent's relationship ended in divorce. Unfortunately, relationship problem solving skills aren't part of our formal education and many people haven't had the kind of role models in their life to demonstrate the skills needed to keep a relationship healthy and happy.

Whatever the state of your relationship, good problem solving skills can be the difference between making things work and your relationship falling apart. You have to find a way, together, to make your relationship work. This may mean what works for one couple doesn't work for you.

Here are 4 relationship handling skills for you to consider as a couple committed to making your relationship work.

The first step in solving relationship problems is to take stock of where you are now. This can be very difficult if you have spent a long time in the same relationship where well established behaviours appear to be the norm. It can also be very difficult to be objective and see your relationship from a logical standpoint when emotions are running high, but that is exactly what you need to do. To help assess where you are now you can carry out a Relationship Review.