Relationship Review

Action Plan Template

To keep moving forward it is useful to have some kind of plan in place. An action plan is about setting goals for the near future and longer term. It is helpful to have an action plan at any time in your life but it can offer you real focus if you wish to address specific problems in your relationship.

Action plans for the future work best when you know exactly where you are now. A good starting point is to conduct a Relationship Review, which will help you to assess the strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and concerns in your relationship.

  • You need to be as specific as possible when making your action plan. You will probably have several areas you want to change so break each one down into a list of tasks. It's not much use to simply say 'I want to improve my relationship'. Cut things down into manageable chunks, for example; try to identify the problems, sit down and discuss them together, try to find a mututally agreeable plan of action which may lead to a solution.
  • For each area you wish to change, ensure you write down what actions you will take, who or what can help you and set a realistic timescale and try to stick to it.
  • Once you have devised your action plan don't just shove it in a drawer - put it in a prominent place or return to it here. Keep checking back with the plan and updating it as you would do with your diary so you are reminded of what you agreed to do.
  • You may need to revisit and revise the action plan over time as your relationship evolves and your issues change.