Relationship Healthcheck

Relationship Healthcheck

When you are deeply involved in the emotional trauma of separation it can be very difficult to think clearly and know what you need to do to move on. It can be a time when loneliness, anxiety and depression about the future can feel overwhelming. Many people are increasingly using and valuing the services on offer from life coaches, counsellors, mentors, psychotherapists and complementary therapists.

Coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists are not intimately involved in your problem and can therefore offer impartial one to one support and guidance. Before you proceed it is useful to understand the type and depth of services on offer.

Life and relationship related coaches tend to address issues that are generally considered to be achievable in a relatively short period of time by looking at the future differently and boosting your confidence. Counsellors and psychotherapists are trained and qualified to focus on deeper underlying issues that may be preventing you from moving forward by helping you explore and express your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The area of life coaching is a wide field and there are varying entry levels into the profession. Currently this area is not well regulated although there are plans in place to do so. It is sensible to ask to see qualifications or testimonials. Some providers offer a short complementary session.

If you want to discuss any issues with people who have experienced what you are going through then try the Forum.