Legal Advice

The decision to divorce or to end a relationship is rarely taken lightly. It can be a time of great anguish, upset and shock, yet one in three first marriages ends in divorce, as do two in three second marriages.

You may have to go through a legal process as well as the emotional and personal process of dealing with the breakdown of your relationship. For many, there are also financial implications of separating and the effect it may have on any children involved.

At a time when you are emotionally vulnerable it can be very hard to get perspective on the situation and to make the best decisions. This is a time when you need support not only from friends and family but also from professionals if you are to walk away from the relationship in the best legal, financial and emotional state.

When a relationship ends you will almost certainly need legal advice from a family lawyer. If you are married then you may be seeking a divorce or need advice on residence of children from the relationship. Even if you aren't married you may have joint property or assets and need help to divide them between the parties involved.

As much as most people would like things to remain civil, many relationship breakdowns are fraught with tensions and communication issues. Divorce law advice may be needed to reach a suitable resolution for both parties. If you need legal advice on divorce, residence of children and maintenance then you can find local help here.

It may be that you want to attempt mediation or counselling to resolve issues without resorting to court procedures.

For those in a civil partnership you can also find information on dissolution of civil partnerships.