Looking Forward

It takes time for most of us to be able to accept the finality of the death of a friend or loved one and be able to move on. There will be many difficult firsts after someone has died; a first anniversary, first christmas, birthday and visiting a favourite place. Some will be easier to accept, others will open up emotions that are close to the surface.

It is common to feel guilty when making new plans and sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to enjoy life again secure in the knowledge that it is what our loved one would have wanted.

The time and energy spent grieving does slowly decline and it will gradually be possible to enjoy life again, laugh with people, feel genuine happiness and make positive plans for the future.

Accepting that life will never be the same but that the rest of your life does not have to be miserable is a good sign of readiness to move forward. There will be relapses along the way so it is important to look after your physical and mental health and find support to help you through the more difficult stages.

This section offers advice in finding new interests, meeting new people and making life changes such as moving house.